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Beads By Tera B.

Historic Valley Junction Art Festival!
September 18, 2005
West Des moines, Iowa

This Art Festival featured works of over 100 Midwest artists. Art enthusiasts of all ages could enjoy this exceptional display of media, including oil and water color paintings, pottery, photography, jewelry and sculpture. Attendees found a wide range of tastes from contemporary to modern and many one-of-a-kind items. This event was sponsored by West Bank and the Historic Valley Junction Foundation .

I SOMEHOW LOST ALL OF MY PICTURES HERE! I'll have to find them again and get them back on here. A little outdated but, still worth seeing!

I shared a table at the show with Carol White of "Playing With Fire" Glassworks.Wanna see? We didn't have much time for picture taking after the show started, so these are just a few as we were setting up.

(Someone else actually took this one....I guess I'm a double fisted drinker huh?
Two poisons--coffee AND Pepsi! Naughty I know!)

This is part of Carol's table.
Aren't her pieces GREAT?! (everyone ELSE thought so too!)

This is one of the witches we had up at the front of our booth. You would not BELIEVE what a big hit they were! We had almost as many people come up to our booth because of those witches as we did for beads!

MY stuff...

There you have it! I think all in all it was a pretty good show. We sure had fun and learned a lot in the process! I really wish I had gone around and taken more pictures! There were a lot of good people there with a lot of great art! It was so cool greeting other vendors (SEASONED vendors!)before the show started and hearing them say, "Have a great show!" Just like at a Dead concert! Hmmmmmm......just wanted to share that! THANKS FOR LOOKING!

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