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Last Class Night December 12th

I'm going to miss seeing all of you! You have made my first teaching experience a pleasureable one! Thank you!

***If you wish to purchase additional supplies, please come a little early (we're always there by at least 6:30) or plan to stop working a little earlier (8:45) in order to not detract others from class time. Thank you!

Some things we will cover/go over again :

*We'll be wrapping up and taking questions and requests.

* Carol and I will be bringing Lampworking books and literature for you to look at. This is a great way to preview some of the materials that are available to us as Lampworkers before rushing out and buying your own copies!

*Show & Tell

* We will be doing kind of a Secret Santa bead exchange. If you wish to participate, bring a bead (wrapped or not) to give as a gift and you will get one in return.

* Feel free to bring some munchies to share. You don't have to, but the more food the merrier--right?? :-)

*Open Torch

***Torches have to be off by 9:00. (8:45 if you wish to buy supplies at the end of class). That gives our torches and beads just enough time to cool before the end of class!

* It's ok to make SMALL beads! This is especially true when it comes to encasing. I know some of you have started to try to encase your beads. Encasing is hard and for most people takes a lot of practice! I have heard even the most seasoned bead makers oogle over someone else's flawlessly encased beads. It's that difficult. I don't want to discourage you. Quite the opposite. My best advice for good first results is to start with a clean clean rod and work very small. We will touch more on encasing later. I just wanted to throw in a few tips in the meantime. Also remember that it's ok to work slow. Patience is just as important as practice at this point. We're not roastin' marshmellows--we're melting glass! :-)