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ALL SOLD for now--more cominng soon--I promise!

Ok here's something new that I thought I would try. Me and my big ideas! :-) In the next few days I'll be adding some beads to this page. The beads will be far from my "norm", Beads that have usually taken a long time to make, and used way too much glass in the process. All of the beads on this page will be "good" beads in the sense that they are well made and kiln annealed and of course properly cleaned. They all started with what I THOUGHT was a good idea....and I like them all, really I do! I just wasn't sure what to charge for them, and not really sure if anyone would "understand" them SO I came up with the idea for this page.

DEAL or NO DEAL. It's easy--if you see a bead on this page that you like and want to buy, you can email me--send me an offer. I'll tell you one of two things, yep--
For example, if you send an offer of 99 cents, I'll probably tell you "No deal"--that's just too low. On the other hand, if you send me an offer I think is too HIGH I'll let you know that as well and we can hopefully meet in the middle.
Sound fun? I think so! I'll try to get pictures up here in the next day or two.

Thanks for playing!

I am in no way affiliated with NBC or the T.V. game show.

Beads Made to Order

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