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"Brown Bullseye Bracelet"

This is one of my favorites. This is going to available for a limited time only BECAUSE...it matches my favorite brown velvet outfit! No seriously! If this doesn't sell before the first snow fall--I'm gonna wear it myself! :-)( It's funny...we STILL haven't had any snow!) So it's still available if you want it. But seriously, I've already made myself matching earrings! haha

Measures just over 7 and 1/2 iches


"Adventurine Adventure Bracelet"

Ok, so I can't always come up with the catchy titles! haha! This bracelet is made using the coveted Olympia Rain on ivory and etched ever-so-slightly. Accented by Adventurine beads and sterling silver. Measures 7 and 1/2 inches with 1/2in. dangle.


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