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Iowa Bead Fair

5th Annual Artfest Midwest

Thanks to Sue Stookey for putting on such a great show!
You can go here
to learn more about the show itself.

WOW! What a show! I'm not too well traveled on the show scene, neither showing or going to shows, but this one was a lot of fun! I must say, while the OTHER Art people downtown were getting rained on (POURED on) we were all nice and dry and cool! This was my first big show, so my set-up may have been questionable at best, but at least everything was marked and clearly visible! :-)

There I go working away! Notice no crowd had gathered yet--although most of the time there was one. The little kids are the best about stopping to watch and the older MEN are the ones who asked the most questions. Neat!

Some of my homemade display stuff. Hey, reduce, reuse and recycle! This stand my dear husband made for me out of an oak CD stand that someone was just going to throw away!

This is a stand my dad made.

Hmmm..my friend Dennis says I need more HEIGHT (story of my life!) in my displays. Something to work on for next time!

This is my Torch Monkey. He loves to help display jewelry. He's wearing a button that says, "I Love Customers"! I've had it since high school when I worked at Hardees! Geesh!

It was a tale of two Lornas helping me at the show. THIS Lorna is my dear mother-in-law who not only helped with the show, but came a week BEFORE to help me get READY for the show! Way to go grandma! THANK YOU!!

I don't know what I'm looking at here...something perplexing it would seem... The boys were only there for a short time. They seem very excited to be there huh?

This is my friend Lorna. How many Lornas ARE there? And here I know two of them! Cool! :-)

Me again. Some show people came around and took pics at this time too. Wonder where THOSE pics turned up!

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