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~Quentin's Quotes~

Some people have PETS pages, but I don't HAVE pets! I have four KIDS instead. This is Quentin's page. Why is it only Quentin who has a page? Well, he's at that AGE where he needs one I guess!

***Again, a long time since I've updated in here. These kids, they just say so MUCH stuff....it's hard to get it all! One thing that I thought was really funny and noteworthy however came on New Year's Day this year (2007). I spent almost the entire day cleaning and sorting the little boy's room. It needed it! When I was done, they both came in and Owen (4) says,

"WOW! MOM! It looks like JESUS cleaned in here!!"

Then Quentin (6) proceeds to say, "Well, maybe not Jesus....but ANGELS"

I thought that was pretty darn cute. Where do they come up with this stuff. I told them that Jesus would have taken at least half of their toys and donated them to less fortunate children. I don't think they thought that was funny. I will probably traumatize them for life. Isn't that my job as a mother?

**One day while I was trying to coax Quentin's younger brother, Owen to take a nap- Quentin came into the bedroom very quietly and said, "Mom, do you care if some invisible people come in and play quietly with their invisible things?"
*That quote is the reason I started this page! Now I suppose it'll be like standing around with the camera waiting for them to do something cute! He might not say anything too quotable for a while, but I'll let you know when he does!

**Ta-Da! Here's another one I thought I would share! 4-27-05 Whilst reading the Farm Animal/Wild Animal book before bed last night, Quentin says, "Mom, if the cow eats green grass and gives us WHITE milk out of its' utters....does the BROWN chocolate milk come from its' butt?" Yeah....out of the mouths of babes.

**Quentin's four. He just turned four in November. Yesterday he asked where babies came from and how they got out of they're mommy's tummys. Hmmm....I told him that I would have to get back to him on that, that in the meantime, he might want to ask his FATHER! Geesh!

**I just remembered this one too! Q said this one two days after his 4th birthday. 11-24-04 "I had a dream I had Pokemon friends and you were in it--do you remember?"