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I'm in the process of updating these links. Right now they are in no certain order, they will soon be in alphabetical order to make it fair to everyone and easier for you. If you would like to exchange a link to your website on my website for a link to MY website on YOUR website.....just let me know!
Tera Belinsky-Yoder

Beads of Courage

Cindy Couling

Garnet Goldman

Sara Sally LaGrand--Pretty Babies Glass


Moretti and More

Your one-stop shopping for anything Lampwork! If you don't see it in their store, they can get it for you! WONDERFUL customer service!!!

Amy's Creative Bead

Amy Gerhls is a great friend of mine. She not only has a love for beads and is a talented jewelry designer, but she is also a fellow Gemini! (If you're into that sort of thing!) She is the owner of Amy's Creative Bead-- a full-service bead store in Iowa Falls. If you're ever in the area, she has EVERYTHING you need to do ANYTHING bead-related, and she's always happy to help with your projects!

Home of the Juicy Bugs™

Oh you have GOT to go look at her work!!

Kandice Seeber

RGR Designs

Creations in Glass

Midnight Kat Productions

Fishlips 3

Jewelry Beads, African Trade Beads, Carved & Gemstone Beads, Thailand Hilltribe Silver, Semi-Precious, Wood Beads, Pendants of all Types, Supplies, Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry, Carved Jade & Bone Beads, Handmade Jewelry, Findings, Harmonica, Blues Harmonicas, Tremolo Harmonicas, Harmonicas in Color, Harmonica Sets, all types of musical instruments and much much more.

Glass Goodies

Earth Wind and Water

Aardvark Art Glass

Lampwork Etc.


Wet Canvas

Lori Peterson

Glass Artists

Ovation Photography

This is Cousin Jaimy! What a wonderful and talented young lady! I'm trying to get her to think in terms of BEAD pictures...so you may even be seeing her soon at a bead show near you! Awesome! Ovation Photography


Seriously, before you get too excited about mass circulated emails (cell phone registries and the like) and ESPECIALLY before you forward those said emails onto ME, please check out this site!

Deb Conti Designs

My teacher and mentor Deborah Conti. A woman of many talents!

Lori Ramotar

Kim Miles

artist Thomas Barbey

artist Daniel Merriam

Wickedly chic

artist Vickie Miller

Home of the Bottlecap Beads™

Lindy Longhurst

The Art of Andrew Daniel

Peter Max

the jewelry Art of Allison Raposa

Genea Beads