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My customers from eBay, Etsy and those who buy from me online or from my studio and at shows are the backbone of this business! Without all of you, I would have to move out to the garage with only my torch for heat and glass rods to eat! Thank you for helping allow me to do what I love to do! Here's to you....this is a page for what YOU do!

Wow wow wow! I LOVE this piece! Done by Patrizia Tager of Triz Designs . She has a beautiful blog too!

These wonderful works were done by Linda Jones of Wild Wicked Beads. Her Etsy shop is definately a treat for the eyes! I have admired her work for quite while and was so honored to have her work with my beads!

These super-fun pieces were done by Gergana Todorova of Geri Jewel Art. Check out her Etsy shop for wonderful, wearbale art!

These wonderful pieces were done by Lisa Minkove of 1st Glass Act Jewelry Designs in Seattle Washington. Lisa is an independant designer who also does custom work. Each of her pieces is unique and made with the finest materials. If you are interested in having Lisa design something for you, you can contact her .

I was very honored when Kaye Husko of Koregon Beads purchased some of my beads! Kaye is a beautiful person and wonderful beadmaker and a great asset to the lampworking community. She put my beads on findings made by Mary Poineal of McDuck Creations.

This piece was done by Cathy Klimes owner of Czech Jewels. Cathy is a long-time buyer of my beads and a wonderful customer! Cathy teaches PMC as well as seed bead work, and soon will have her website up and running where she will be offering her finished jewelry, PMC pieces, and her seed bead work. You can also email Cathy here.

I just LOVE this necklace done by Linda Currier using my "Tabazuma Light" beads! You really have to see it in person (which I've had the pleasure of doing) to get the full effect. Some of you may recognize Linda from her classes at Bead & Button. She's a very talented teacher and a wonderful gal to know!

These pieces were made by Beth of Stone Soup Jewelry. She has a very cool Etsy shop under the name "stonesoupjewelry": and you can visit it here.

This necklace was made by one of my fellow Iowa Bead Society members, Pilar Burg of Pilar Burg Designs . She has such a knack for matching pieces to her wardrobe and putting several types of beads together to create great pieces!

Here's another piece by Pilar! Her skills just keep improving! I LOVE this one! I think I might have to steal it for myself!

These pieces were created by Allison Raposa. She's using some of my favorite beads. I want this jewelry for myself! :-) Great work!
You can visit her website here.

These beautiful bags were created by Lily Wilson. I think she just might be my youngest "customer"! She's only 11 and look at what she is doing! She used my beads as buttons for these dainty dittys! I think everyone should have one! If you're interested (and who wouldn't be?) you can email me and I will pass it on to Lily!!

These pieces were created by Regina Gansen Rooks, owner and creator of RGR Designs. You can visit her website here.


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