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***Just a little note: If you have signed up for the Birthday Bead club and have NOT received a confirmation email from me, OR if you have been signed up and have not received your Birthday beads...PLEASE email me again! I had some email trouble a while back and try as I might to restore everything, I'm afraid that I might still be missing some people or not getting all of my reminders! Please don't think I've forgotten about you! Once you're on my list, you're on it for good! :-) Thanks!

I'm going to try something a little bit different and I think, pretty special! You say it's your birthday? Sign up to be on my mailing list--you'll get website updates and new auction listings updates--tell me your birthdate , and I'll send you a free bead on your birthday! Please include the address you want your bead sent to. What could be better than beads on your birthday?? (I know, chocolate might come CLOSE....) I promise never to disclose your information to any third party. Your birthdates are safe with me--you can even lie about the YEAR! Not that you'd need to! MY birthday is May 30th--you know, in case YOU want to send ME chocolate! HAHA!

When's your birthday??

(please put "BIRTHDAY BEADS" in your email subject line )

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